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Laser Inscribed Diamond

As a measure of security, many diamonds are inscribed by laser with a unique certificate number that immediately identifies the diamond to its owner. This helps to prevent fraud when the diamond must leave your possession, such as having the diamond cleaned or re-sized.

Ancardi customers will always have the option of purchasing a diamond that is inscribed in such a manner.

Many of our diamonds can be purchased with a certificate number already inscribed; however, if your diamond has not had this procedure performed yet, then Ancardi will happily do so for you.

Certificate Diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America’, or GIA, is generally regarded within the industry as the world's foremost authority in gemmology, diamond grading, and jewellery education. This certificate provides a completely independent, third party report on all of the specific gemmological properties contained within the diamond.

Here, at Ancardi Diamonds, we solely rely on the GIA’s grading of a diamond as a final authority on the overall quality of a diamond due to their long standing track record as the world's most consistent and unbiased diamond grader.

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