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Resizing service consists of increasing or reducing the size of the item as much as possible. It involves a series of meticulous and delicate operations.

Please note that during the polishing process a fine layer of metal is removed. This is why we recommend you not to have this service carried out more than twice in the lifetime of a piece of jewellery made of white or yellow gold.

The engraving is a discretionary service offered during the three months following the purchase.

The engraving service enables you to personalise your jewellery by engraving (subject to technical constraints and the space available) either a name, phrase or date (in a range of different languages) or a symbol or design on your creation.

The restoration service allows a damaged piece of jewellery to rediscover its aesthetic attractiveness and original appearance. Please consult with our specialist for more information.

This service makes it possible to give a piece of Ancardi jewellery back its sparkling appearance if it has become dull or has superficial scratches. This service is not available for rhodium plated jewellery.
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