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diamonds are not indestructable
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As different gems have different density, and they are often more delicate and included compare to diamond. They often require special care, and special methods of cleaning. It is best to consult your jeweller for advise on how to care for your jewellery, and bring your jewellery back for cleaning and maintenance check periodically.

Remove jewellery before:
-Applying cosmetics, perfume, or hair spray
-Doing housework, gardening or exercise

Pearls are more delicate, and they require special care. Always store pearls in a soft pouch or separate container to minimize contacarat with other jewellery.

-Never ultrasonic, or steam-clean pearls.
-Clean pearls with a soft damp cloth
-Periodically clean pearls in a solution of warm water and non-detergent soap; dry completely with clean towel before wearing
-Periodically restring strands of pearls. The knots should be tight, and there should be no slack between the knots and pearls.
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