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- Use a tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around your finger, note the measurement (in millimeters) and consult the Ancardi Ring Size Chart to determine your ring size.
- Download and print the Ancardi Ring Size Chart. (Note: Please ensure that "Page scaling" option is set to "None" in the dialog box of your printer options. The Ancardi Finger Chart must be printed on full-size standard letter paper.
- Use a ring as reference:
If you already have a ring that fits correctly on the intended finger, you may use that as a reference. Consult the Ancardi Ring Size Chart.
A ring should fit your finger comfortably, secure enough that it will not fall off, yet loose enough to pass through the knuckle.

Please be aware that the two hands differ slightly in size, so if a ring worn on the left finger may not be a perfect fit for the same finger on the right hand.

Avoid using string or paper to measure, as they may stretch or twist causing an inaccurate measurement.

If you are hesitating between two sizes, choose the larger size.

Also be aware that the style of the ring will also affect the choice of size, thicker or larger ring is suggested to be worn more loosely than a smaller ring.
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